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Paul Mehling and the Hot Club of San Francisco

Standing l-r: Paul Mehling, Michael Groh, Steven Strauss, Jeremy Cohen;
seated, clockwise: Julian Smedley, Jenny Scheinman, Sylvia Herold

Paul Mehling is the founder and lead guitarist of the Hot Club. An accomplished multi- instrumentalist (guitar, violin, bass, plectrum and tenor banjo, mandolin), Paul has been a professional musician for over 25 years. 

The Hot Club of San Francisco is an all acoustic string troupe of violin, string bass and guitars.  Each time you see them perform it may be a different ensemble of musicians. "In this regard, it really is a club...we do this because we like to keep the music fresh." Having an ever-changing kaleidoscope of players makes for some very interesting combinations of talents, interpretations and showmanship.

These folks have made some wonderful CDs over the years. Click on the album cover here and have a good look! 

Correspondence To: Hot Club of San Francisco 
                                  3105 Ashbrook Court
                                     Oakland, California 94601

Their website is at

Oh yes, one more thing

Paul has a couple of very good instructional videos out that you should know about. Find out more here

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